Table Thali

We’ve developed a new take on the classic sharing Indian meal designed for groups of diners: all you have to do is decide how many people are going to dine.

Our objectives with the Table Thali are to address the issues of the time it takes to prepare our food once the order is placed on a busy day at the restaurant, and to give greater variety to the typical meal that customers are able to afford. Value for money is a key aim of this menu.

We have prepared a menu, with a selection of dishes intended to give a balanced meal and also to minimise the prep time in the kitchen. This time saving is translated into better value for you.

The dishes are, however, chosen for their uniqueness, nutritional balance and great taste, things you have come to expect of food at Rice Boat.

A new concept in group dining

Food for when you are hungry

Enough food for a good feed

A menu for sharing

Fixed amount of food for a fixed price

No uncertainty about cost

Low on frills, high on value

Minimal waiting time

Variety of dishes

Nutritionally balanced meal

Order and pay at least a day ahead

The benefit of Table Thali for you is that you know what food you are getting and at what cost. You tell us the time when you want it to be ready and it saves you the ordering time and waiting time once you get to the restaurant. For the cost you would normally pay for a single dish and a rice or bread, you get to share a spread of dishes, like a typical meal at home. You choose how many people will share this menu and, if necessary, you can top this up with other dishes from the regular menu. This meal has to be ordered and paid for at least 24 hours ahead.

The benefit for us is that we have a confirmed order at least a day ahead, we prepare the food in batches rather than individual portions, and we know the target time when the meal should be ready. This gives us the ability to fit this work in to our schedule and better manage the running of the kitchen. Reliable information, target times to aim for and batch cooking make for a smoother running kitchen.

It also reduces waiting time (improvement in service) and provides a more affordable meal.

This concept will evolve as customers give us feedback. However the basic objectives of value dining, wholesome, balanced meals and shared dining are values which are central to what we do and we are confident our customers will appreciate it too.

To find out more or to book a Table Thali, please either ring or visit the restaurant any day between 12:30 - 2:30pm or 6 - 10:30pm (details below).

Our thanks to Cambridge University Indian Classical Arts Society (picture above left) and to our other diners who kindly alllowed us to photograph them eating Table Thali.

A typical Table Thali comprises:

1 x mild curry (parippu)

1 x rich curry (skinless and boneless chicken or green split pea)

Vegetable accompaniment (potato, carrot and pea, not spicy)

Rice (neyychor or cumin rice)

Fresh side salad

Pickle to mix into the rice

4 x medium popadums

4 x scoops ice cream


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