Our Team

Jacob Abraham

Head Chef and co-owner

Jacob is fascinated by ingredients and techniques and worked hard to learn cooking from the inside out. He learnt from his chefs in the kitchen here, and still cooks alongside them.
He loves to recreate dishes from home, putting all his engineering skills to use working out how to do this to scale and in a modern, professional kitchen.

Rita Abraham

Front of House Manager and co-owner

Rita is a canny shopper. As well as welcoming diners to the restaurant she tracks down vegetables, fish, meat and spices with an expert eye for quality. She travels to the London produce markets in the wee, small hours getting the best fish and the freshest Indian vegetables just as they arrive on these shores.

She has even been known to butter up suppliers with treats from the kitchen to ensure the choicest ingredients are kept aside for her. It helps the budget go a bit further and means she can buy ingredients that she knows are special and high quality.

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