Riceboat is on the main Ring Road in Cambridge so there is no parking on-site. We have a drop-off area at the back of the restaurant which you are welcome to use briefly. Drive through the archway between the Riceboat and Domenic’s hairdresssers, bear left to the space beyond the building to your left. You can drop passengers. A rear entrance to the restaurant (with no steps, so specially suitable for customers with a mobility impairment) is at Number 2 Anderson Court, and is open to the public so you can come straight in.

Local parking spots

Parking isn’t easy to come by in Cambridge but we are lucky enough to have a few options reasonably close by.

  • There is free on-road parking from 5pm everyday for about 30 cars along the Newnham Road side of Lammas Land – about 400m from the restaurant.
  • There is free on-road parking from 5pm everyday alongside Darwin College on Newnham Road and along the Backs on Queens Road. Some are as close as 50m from the restaurant, some up to 500m from the restaurant.
  • There is also free parking the other side of Lammas Land

Bus Routes

The nearest bus stop is at Silver Street by the historic Mathematical Bridge. You can find bus times for the Citi 1 bus, towards Silver Street (Queens College) bus stop at Traveline.

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